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A lawyer is working with the belief that every person is entitled to a fair law procedure and a proper representation. Therefore, a lawyer represents defendants and suspects in a variety of criminal offenses, and makes sure to accompany its clients throughout the criminal process, from investigation to appeals in district courts and the Supreme Court.In the criminal law it is particulary important to escort the client since the early investigation, because things said during the investigation will be the base for the client’s conviction or acquittal later, and will outline the development of the case. The office allocates to the client an excellent highly experienced team, and provides escort and close consultation from the beginning of an investigation to the completion of the case in court or its closing.

The office provides personal attention and professional service to its clients, total availability and vigilance at all times for the client’s favour.

Attorney Keren Dvir-Berkowitz provides an immediate and personal response to every request and is always available to her clients. The office of an attorney is committed to a professional, personal and close service while providing full attention to the interest of the client.

The office's areas of activity:

Criminal domain

  • Investigation procedures consulting
  • Arrest procedures representation
  • Closing cases before / after indictment
  • Representation in criminal cases and appeals
  • Requests for criminal record and clemency
  • Prisoner petitions


Traffic domain

  • Car accidents & traffic reports
  • Representation in court
  • Cancel an administrative disqualification
  • Requests for penalties cancellation
  • Requests for clemency


Youth domain

  • Preparation for youth probation service review
  • Advice and representation during interrogation, detention, criminal & traffic cases conducted on youth courts
  • Closing Cases


Sexual plot and false complaints

Sexual plot and false complaints are an integral part of the judicial system. They are more common than ever before.
Men are exposed to false complaints of self-interest, libeling women, when there is no real protection in their hands.Normative people wake up one fine morning into a nightmare, when they are suspected of rape in vain, violent or indecent acts. After mask degradation they manage to clear their names, but the stain always remains.

The organization's goal is to help people who fell victim to a plot against false complaints on suspicion of indecent assault, sexual harassment or rape.

The Organization for victims of sexual plot and false complaints gives support, assistance, counseling and legal representation.

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